LabVIEW installation.


LabVIEW is a graphical software development interface used especially for experiment control, data acquisition and processing. It can be installed either after downloading the required components from the National Instruments website or from borrowed DVDs. To install LabVIEW, you will need a serial number, otherwise it will only work in Evaluation mode. Regarding the DVDs and serial numbers, you can write to,

Installation instructions

  1. After launching the installer, you will be asked to choose the method of verifying the serial numbers. Choose:

    "I have serial numbers ..." and check "Select and activate products ..." (requires an Internet connection).

  2. Enter the serial number I sent you. This number corresponds to an "Academic Site Licence", please select it and continue.
  3. Choose the required components/modules/toolkits and continue. I might recommend that you consider for example the "Mathscript RT module", "Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit", "VI Analyzer Toolkit", or "NI Signal Express". For specific measurement, you might find "Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite", "Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit", or "Spectral Measurements Toolkit" useful as well.


    Please install "NI DAQmx" if you are planning to use DAQ type measurement equipment from the National Instruments company. If "NI Device Drivers" are not installed yet on your computer and you plan to communicate with instruments overUSB/GPIB/Ethernet... , please install these too. If you are using Real-time devices, or FPGA (programmable gate arrays), please install the required modules too.


  4. The installer will try to find updates for the selected components.
  5. Choose installation folders (the default is recommended) and agree to all the licences.
  6. Afterwards, you will be asked to activate the products. You may use a central account for the National Instruments website:

    • e-mail:
    • password: secure4password

    or create your own account. Then continue towards starting the installation.

  7. The installation itself can be (according to the number and type of selected components) a rather lengthy process, typically about 20 minutes. If installing from DVDs, you will be likely asked several times to change the DVD in the drive.
  8. When you run LabVIEW for the first time, you will be asked to activate it - either using pre-existing stored activation codes, or new ones. To get new activation codes, select the option "Automatically activate through secure internet connection", confirm the serial numbers and enter the email and password for the National Instruments website account (see 6. above).

    You may also have the activation code sent to the specified email; to log into Gmail, please use the same email and password (no misuse, please, otherwise I would be forced to cancel the central account with NI as well as the email account and each user would have to register individually at the National Instruments website).

  9. Done.