Emil Varga, Ph.D.
principal investigator

Open positions for post-docs and students

I am currently looking for students at all levels, from undergraduate to Ph.D. for a project focused on 2D superfluid systems. I am also looking for students to join projects that aim to explore interesting open questions about second sound and superfluidity under rotation.

 Research interests

  • quantum turbulence in superfluid 4He
  • two-dimensional turbulence
  • two-dimensional superfluidity, topological phase transition in superfluid 4He
  • quantum nature of secound sound

I am a principal investigator on a PRIMUS grant "Superfluid dynamics in nanofluidic two-dimensional systems" awarded by the Charles University. The project aims to study two-dimensional turbulence and two-dimensional phase transition in superfluid 4He in rotating reference frames using on-chip nanofluidic devices.


I teach

NOFY080 - Programming in Experimental Physics. Commented exercises from class can be found here.

NFPL172 - Macroscopic quantum effects II

NOFY066 - Practical Course I - Mechanics and Molecular physics